[14 August – 7 September 2007, Škuc gallety, Ljubljana] Following the Lost Highway Expedition in 2006, the exhibition at Škuc Gallery, a link in the long chain of narratives weaving together the Europe Lost and Found project, seeks to present works which do not re-interpret the forgotten stories of the former Yugoslavia and Albania, but look towards (semi)-fictitious stories of the future. Through video, installations, photography, posters and paintings, the exhibition puts forward 12 different positions, all developed on the theme of the Western Balkans.

For this occasion STEALTH produced a new work.
Open Futures – still here to be claimed centers around large vacant urban areas – usually centrally located and strategically important – in 9 capital cities of the Western Balkans. For a number of reasons and coincidences these sites have been ‘waiting’ for decades and didn’t develop even now amidst the hectic speed of post-socialist “transition” that these cities go through. Interestingly, these sites are the loopholes catapulting us into some of the most important dimensions of the local context. They let us read their past of interruptions, changes of plans, political systems, ownerships, ideologies and visions. And their empty, yet undeveloped status pressures them as the signifiers of the potential future to arrive.

For Lost Highway Exhibition text (1) and images (2) visit here.