taking_matter.jpg[6 June 2007] Publication Taking the Matter into Common Hands: On Contemporary Art and Collaborative Practices (a continuation of the symposium organised at Iaspis in the autumn of 2005) will be released at the Venice Biennial. Editors: Johanna Billing, Maria Lind, and Lars Nilsson. Our contribution is view back at the Lost Highway Expedition as a model of open source and do-it-yourself collaboration we initiated with the School of Missing Studies. Contributors: 16 Beaver, B+B, Copenhagen Free University, Nav Haq, Brian Holmes, IKK, Jakob Jakobsen, Marysia Lewandowska, Marion von Osten, Schleuser.net, Simon Sheikh, School of Missing Studies, Katharina Schlieben, Martin Schmidle, Tirdad Zolghadr, Anton Vidokle, WHW, and Åbäke.

The publication presents a survey of the regenerated interest in collective work and other forms of collaborations within contemporary art. The publication discusses how the forms and the conditions of the collective activities have been presented, investigated and questioned in a number of different projects: how to work temporarily and on a long-time basis, how to split focus on subjects, methods, life-styles and political attitudes. Published by Black Dog Publishing, London. To order: http://www.blackdogonline.com/.