[10 September 2007, İMÇ, Istanbul] During the start of the 10th Istanbul Biennial, on invitation of the Big Family Business project, STEALTH organized a discussion on the status of modernist architecture and contemporary city development in Istanbul. In a couple of short tales, starting from Rotterdam, drifting south-east to Belgrade and Skopje, urban development as envisioned and implanted during the modernist 1950’s to 1970’s period has been highlighted – ideas of which currently many are ‘infected’ or swiped away.

The current status of these examples tells us a lot about the status of society of today – but also about the sometimes surprising agility of visionary plans to absorb or allow for the viral infiltrations of radically different forms of society and architecture.

The discussion was set up in collaboration with Pelin Tan and Burcin Kurtuncu (ITU Architecture Faculty, Istanbul) and was held in İMÇ – a giant traders complex with around 1100 shops, with its future currently in debate.