[September 2007, Knivsta, Sweden] The construction of the schoolyard for the Thunmanskolan in Knivsta (Sweden), a collaboration with artist Marjetica Potrc and landscape architect Ingalill Nahringbauer, is under way. This almost 10 000 m2 large square harvests natural energy (from sun and wind) to deliver it in the form of fruits and electricity to the pupils and their school. During the summer, the ground works (a theater ‘pit’, and surfaces made from asphalt, gravel and grass) have been made. Recently, giant prints of photosynthesis molecules have been painted on the asphalt – in 2 500 meters of white street-signaling paint. Now, a giant 140 meters long wooden structure for playing, sitting and relaxing is in the making. Finishing of the construction is expected by the end of October.

Schoolyard at Thunmanskolan (in Swedish)