mfz.gif[31 May – 09 June 2007, B.A.D. Foundation, Rotterdam] Moving in Free Zones (Mfz) workshop is exploring Charlois municipality in Rotterdam South. Mfz deals with urban dynamics, material and immaterial architecture, investigates spontaneous creativity, experiments innovative uses of the public domain and stimulates new discourses of environmental and cultural integration.

Mfz is the combination of a research on the spot and a cultural program with the participation of Alexander Vollebregt, Sang Lee, Ana Dzokic & Marc Neelen (Stealth [u]ltd), Alicia Velazquez (L-E-A-K), Tor Lindstrand (KTH Faculty of Architecture), Taji “The chef”, artists Daniele Pario Perra (Contraconcept), Jeanne van Heeswijk , designer and researcher Daniel van der Velden and researcher Matthias Pauwels (BAVO.) Mfz is set up by iStrike foundation in collaboration with Spacelab/Urban Body, Faculty of Architecture, TU-Delft.

An article about the workshop has been published at Japanese Design webpage, in Japanese.