radna_akcija-1.jpg[20 June, 2007, 17.00, Recyclart, Brussels] In the context of a recent study of N4 (national road) in Belgium, Artgineering is organising a debate under the title ‘The Meaning of Infrastructure‘. On this occasion STEALTH is invited to present the Highway of Brotherhood and Unity.

“Since the modernism technocratic concept of infrastructure is a dominant one. Infrastructures are almost exclusively seen from the technical point of view: capacity, rentability and safety. However, the history is reach in examples of infrastructures that go beyond technocratic and became territorial and social unity. What is the connection between the Belgium coast, the Highway of Brotherhood and Unity, the European train network and the small ring of Brussels? What is the meaning of infrastructure and the impact on spatial development?”

After the presentations of these ‘mythical’ infrastructers, public debate involving Han Mayer (professor of urbanism, TU Delft), Pascal Smet (Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Brussels) and Marcel Smets (Flemish chief architect, professor KU Leuven) will take place.