santiago_cirugeda_1.jpg[28 May 2007, 20.00, NAi, Rotterdam] In the context of the Third Rotterdam Architecture Biennial and exhibition ‘A Better World’ in NAi, a multi-table debate ‘Open! Strategies for A Better World’ will take place. With Ana Dzokic (Stealth Unlimited), Zvi Efrat, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Dennis Kaspori, Matthias Pauwels (Bavo), Francesca Recchia (Bartlett School of Planning), Damon Rich (CUP), Lorenzo Romito (Stalker/ON), Malkit Shoshan (FAST), Alexander Vollebregt (Spacelab, TU Delft), WiMBY! (Crimson Architectural Historians), Rosten Woo (CUP).