new-belgrade-web[16 January 2009, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam] In a ‘salone’ like discussion format, the second InBetween session brought together three different case studies and ideas about the model of the open cityness. The idea and the definition of the open city comes from Richard Sennett, who points out a departure route from predetermined programmatic, monofunctional zoning and overregulated planning policies to urban design practitioners. His text Open City served as a point of departure but was also questioned.

Along with Andrea Bandelli, director of the European Project “DECIDE” and Tomaz Pipan, a recent post-graduate at the Architectual Association School of Architecture in London, STEALTH introduced the current portrait of real estate growth and urban redevelopment of New Belgrade, as a result of the troubled transition period of the 1990s, followed by an almost collapse of the systemic governmental and economical planning mechanism, to arrive to the era of so called predatory economy. Find the presentation slideshow here.