[4-7 December 2008, Ex-cinema Mosor, Zagreb] The international conference ‘The Neoliberal Frontline: Urban Struggles in Post-Socialist Societies’, reflected on transformations of cities, urban landscapes and urban governance in post-socialist societies in Eastern Europe at a moment when the pressure of neoliberal policies and economic overexploitation of space on current urban developments is mounting. The effect of this are manyfold: the introduction of neoliberal governance instruments, city-planning policies damaging public interest for the benefit of business, dismantling of citizen participation, urban struggles against disfranchisement of citizens and cultural practices contesting privatization of public space.

STEALTH took part in the panel discussion Dissenting Architectural Practices. At a moment when the global slowdown of economy might provide a window of opportunity to rethink the direction of the current urban development, this panel signalled the need to move from analysis of urban deficits to creation of the necessary expertise for actual intervention by the practices in focus here. One of the particular necessities – in our eyes – is to come to innovative models of (co-)ownership or communal development of urban property.

Notes, photos and sound recordings from all the discussions and lectures are available at Operation: City 2008 website. Operation: City 2008 has been organised by Alliance for the Centre for Independent Culture and Youth, Multimedia Institute, Platforma 9,81, BLOK, Clubture Network from Zagreb.