[13 December 2010 – 8 January 2011] ‘A(u)ction – Novi Sad’s log of spaces between personal interests and public needs’ reveals the current conflictuous reconfiguration of living space and urban culture in this city.

Novi Sad is seeing a significant transformation in recent years. New districts have been built, large (housing) investments have been made – illegal or not, infrastructure is being laid out, while cinemas are lacking, military locations within the city will be put on auction, and the Petrovaradin Fortress and its city quarters are on the verge of capitalization in the name of tourism. All this takes place while entire society is passing through a structural, political and ideological ‘transition’ for which the guidelines are drafted on the go in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Novi Sad, possibly even more strongly than other cities in its wider region, embarks on a speculative course amidst muddy waters in which the motives, the gains and the responsibilities of the partakers are unclear.

‘A(u)ction’ in SULUV Gallery presents the findings from conversations with 14 prominent urban actors, as well as an investigation of media reports from the last two years. Alongside a detailed log tracking the changes in the city, this resulted in an atlas of 12 exemplary Novi Sad case studies. It gives insight in a dynamic, enchanting and disturbing field of play – it’s future.