vlasina1.jpg[23 – 25 April 2007, Vlasina mountain, Serbia] For three days in april Stealth participated in a brainstorm session at the Vlasina mountain in Serbia on possibilities for a future ecologically conscious tourist development of this beautiful and almost untouched area. Vlasina is located in the south-east part of Serbia (close to Bulgarian border) and is one of the main future development areas (http://www.srbija-info.rs/Razvoj/turizam_e.html). The symposium Ecologic Urban Models, initiated by landscape architect and urban designer Suzana Stankovic-Aleksic, was the first step in imagining possible sustainable or step-by-step approaches to the transformation of this area. In this context we contributed with ‘Light and Adaptable Urban Systems: or how not build for eternity’, featuring examples of Rural Studio (USA) and Ice Hotel (Sweden) as well as the project Amsterdam North.tmp that Stealth made for the redevelopment of Amsterdam’s northern river bank.