In 2012 we received a quite intriguing request from Francisco Sanin (at the time leading the Syracuse University Graduate Architecture School): to work with their graduate students on an exhibition that is set to explore the work of STEALTH, not by merely displaying it, but by invoking some of its workings on-site at the Architecture School.

Not quite an easy feat, but nonetheless energetically taken up by eight participants, who came up with a setup that would allow to experience a particular set of spatial dynamics inspired by the practice they had studied. And on March 26, 2013, in the midst of that setup, they interviewed us for what was to become the Graduate Sessions #14 publication.

For yet unclarified reasons, the actual print never arrived (and got arrested in its tracks) – but certainly not arrested was the digital pre-press version, which now chronicles the innards of this adventure.

  • [team ] STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen) with the team of Syracuse University Graduate Architecture School, and Francisco Sanin (Chair Graduate Architecture School)
  • [advisors ] Martin Hättasch + Victor Tzen
  • [interview and exhibition ] Nilay Akbas, Tanya Bhatia, Sean Falconer, Hamza Hasan, Elvira Ibramigova, Danielle Lax, Chris Malone
  • [graphic design ] Brendan Finney
  • [editors ] Brendan Finney, Hamza Hasan
  • [GS event photography ] Steve Sartori
  • [photography ] STEALTH.unlimited unless otherwise noted
  • [background ] Graduate Sessions is a series of seminars and symposia offering Syracuse Architecture graduate students the opportunity to engage leading scholars and practitioners in conversation and debate. The resulting publications offer unique insights into the work of our guests as well as the ongoing concerns of our students and the graduate programs.
  • [timeline ] March 2013 – November 2014 (publication)