The nouvelle Once Upon a Future, in English and French (pdf) is a fictional account of a possible utopia for Bordeaux in 2030, inspired by citizen’s initiatives. It is the literary (written) part of a larger exhibition, curated with arc en rêve centre d’architecture, where the future of Bordeaux is presented in a series of illustrations made by a dozen graphic artists.

Using narrative and the comic genre, it expresses social, economic, philosophical, political and urbanistic thoughts outside of their usual discourse, thus making them less specialized and more accessible. In this sense it also expresses the belief that the artists, architects, philosophers and writers taking part are not distant from the society in which they live but are an integral part of it.

  • [editorial ] STEALTH.unlimited + Emil Jurcan and arc en rêve centre d’architecture
  • [text ] Bruce Bégout
  • [design ] Loup Niboyet
  • [translations ] Martyn Back, Lucy Pons
  • [proofreader ] Jean Bernard-Maugiron
  • [special contributions ] Delphine Costedoat
  • [contributing artists ] François Ayroles, Adrien Demont, Havec, Camille Lavaud, David Prudhomme, Sandrine Revel, Guillaume Trouillard, Sainte-Machine + guests Isabelle Kraiser & Marc Pichelin
  • [contributing companies, associations and initiatives ] Alpage, Aquitanis, Boboyaká, Bruit du Frigo, Les Castors Pessac, centre social Bordeaux-Nord, Projet Darwin, Fabrique Pola, Friche & Cheap, Garage moderne, GPV, H’Nord, Le Jardin de ta sœur, Les Requins Marteaux, Tout le Monde
  • [print hardcopy ] BLF impression (Bordeaux) in 5,000 copies (French version) and 1,000 copies (English version)
  • [timeline ] October 2011