[26 September 2012, Truth is concrete, Steirischer Herbst, Graz] Recently, space – in its various concretions and manifestations – has become the fulcrum of social contestation: occupations of squares, streets, campuses. Encampments against gentrifications, privatisations, commodifications. Test sites for new social compositions, new forms of solidarity, new political openings. The space is both the metonymy and the actual site where the processes of capitalist capture of collective means of existence and secondary exploitation of intense sociality materialize.

On invitation of Goran Sergej Pristaš & Tomislav Medak (BADco., Zagreb), we have joined a panel with Vjekoslav Gašparović (pulska grupa, Pula) and Slaven Tolj (Srđ is ours!, Dubrovnik) debating the strategies that the cultural activists – artists, cultural workers, architects, students, etc. – are employing to make contestations of space manifest, to bring the spaces of antagonism to public attention and to mobilise a public around them. In the debate, we have taken the current conflictuous situations throughout cities in the post-Yu context as a starting point. The panel has been part of the 24/7 marathon camp ‘Truth is concrete‘ on artistic strategies in politics and political strategies in art, as part of the Steirischer Herbst, bringing together over 250 artists, activists and scientists.