[from 20 September 2012, Royal Art Academy KKH, Stockholm] STEALTH and Henrietta Palmer (head of the Architecture department of KKH) have jointly developed ‘In Search of Common Ground’, a year-long professional post-master program and research project around the exploration of Urban Commons.

If we look beyond state- and private property driven developments, which have dominated cities during the last fifty years throughout Europe, we can encounter a rich tradition of cities and communities formed on the principles of the commons. Today, when the way out of the debt crises is seen in even more draconic privatisation and thus “evaporation” of public property, can the re-constitution of the commons be a viable option pointing to new directions for our cities – beyond the agenda of profit and away from the neo-liberalization that brought us where we are? ‘In Search of Common Ground’ will look at what are urban commons today – and aim to transition them from a mere technical, to a constitutive, and ultimately a political category in architecture.

Organised around three workshop trips to institutions or organizations in Europe that with their groundbreaking activities explore how urban commons can be constituted or re-formulated, 11 seminars and a number of workshops; all leading up to an international conference in the spring of 2013 in Stockholm.

The course page can be found here.