on_cities.jpg[04 March – 04 May 2008, Architecture Museum, Stockholm] The exhibition “On Cities; maps, cars, people and narratives in the urban environment” will feature works of nine architectural groups and artists working all over the world. And all busy with finding new methods of understand the city as a dynamic and fully dimensional figure.

From the exhibition announcement: “At a time when cities are run as if they were corporate entities driven by profit, urban environments can become more about devising branding advantages to entice investors than about providing adequate conditions for their inhabitants. How can we act in order to make a difference in the way cities are planned and developed? In this exhibition (…) the works also act as perceptive accounts of the loss of immediacy, sense of community and security in the context of the world’s major cities. Can cities be refashioned by their inhabitants to express their own values and further their own ends?”

Participating artists and architects:
Joachim Sauter och Dirk Lüsebrink (Art + Com), Germany; Santiago Cirugeda/Recetas Urbanas, Spain; Francesco Jodice, Italy; Fernando Llanos, Mexico; Flying Cities, Kore; MAD architecture, Chin; Ou Ning, China; Raqs media collective, India; STEALTH.unlimited, The Netherlands / Serbia.

Curated by Cecilia Andersson, the exhibition is part of an ongoing series about cities at The Swedish Museum of Architecture.