rdam-modernity-lab[27 October 2007, Kent State University, Florence] The Kent State Forum on the City 2007 is to discus ROTTERDAM – The Modernity Lab, coordinated by Emiliano Gandolfi (Netherlands Architecture Institute). Participants include: Edzo Bindels (West8), Frank van den Beuken (City of Rotterdam), Rients Dijkstra (MAXWAN), Arnold Reijndorp, Todd Reisz (OMA), Ana Dzokic & Marc Neelen (STEALTH), Alex Vollebregt (spacelab, TU Delft). The round table will include: Giandomenico Amendola (University of Florence), Constance Bodurow (Lawrence Tech, Detroit), Marco Brizzi (critic, Florence), Gabriele Mastrigli (critic, Rome), Francisco Sanin (Syracuse University, Florence).