This, partly pre-printed and entirely on-site produced book, is based on the debates, lectures, speed dates and interviews that have been taking place as part of ARCHIPHOENIX – Faculties for Architecture in the Dutch pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biannual from 9-14 September 2008. 


The book focuses on five questions each architect encounters (and attempts to give answers): WHY WE MAKE – beyond the profitable simplicity into the social sustainability, WHAT WE MAKE – beyond the artifact, HOW WE WORK – beyond the singular into the collaborative, FOR WHOM WE MAKE – beyond power to empowerment, and finally WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE (AND UN-MAKE) – beyond the sustainable: challenging the flow of resources, materials and people. These five seemingly simple, yet essential questions, if put to face challenges ahead become serious issues for discussion.

Both book and its content have been produced on the spot over one week time – a dense and intense collective endeavour. For each book, a different editor or editorial group has taken the lead.

  • [editorial team ] Lilet Breddels, Christian Ernsten, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Dennis Kaspori, Peter Lang, Billy Nolan, Arjen Oosterman, Miguel Robles-Duran, Piet Vollaard and Ana Džokić, Marc Neelen, Saskia van Stein
  • [design ] Coralie Vogelaar
  • [timeline ] 1000 copies produced from 9 – 19 september 2008