boloboloSome thirty years after the Zürich based author p.m. penned bolo’bolo, a wittingly written outline for a deep systemic make-over of society and our dependencies within it, we have brought him to the table at MAK (Vienna) on 24 March 2015, for a discussion on his current activities, the role of fiction in opening future horizons, and the role of dogmatic visions in  bringing them to life. Meandering between at times hilarious accounts of how our future life will be and the dead-serious throughts that go behind his plans, p.m. has been hard to frame but equally generous in providing a simple and elegant outlook on what the future could potentially hold, even if only 30% of citizens would embrace his ideas. That they are infectious and can put entire communities to get them materialised, for instance Kraftwerk 1 in Zürich. How fiction can challenge reality is something to be further explored in the work we are preparing with Stefan Gruber and Paul Currion for the Vienna Biennale.